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in my webside, my name is Dorottya Kristók the owner of Diamond Patou – Great Pyrénées kennel. I live in a little town located to north Hungary, 65 km far from Budapest with my husband Bernát and our children, called Marcell and Luca.




We’ve always been owning dogs (both of us) in our lifes apart, that was not a question to keep one ino ur life together. The love for the dogs will be hopefully inherited across the children as luckily they can’t imagine the life without dogs. Our first collective dog is Maci (Wolf-Royal Star Pax), a long haired German Shepherd male who arrived here in 2003. as a family pet, although his ancestors had great awards on working and show side as well.




We bought our first Great Pyrénées(Hektor) in August of 2011. as a protecting dog from Demoiselle kennel, the owners Judit Fehér and Dr. István Dankó.


1_Hektor 3,5 months

They asked us if maybe we could be interested int he show world and our answer was as we wish to have him only as a pet although just trying to show him is not a problem for us. This crack was quiet successful for us and it was a straight way to enter this world after his first „Very promising” award on his first show in Komárom.

…there was not any chance to go back from here!


I/We would like to thank them for all of their help, advices and those long conversations which happened sometimes during the nights.


Hektor collected such a great results.

He awarded his first Best Of Breed title in his age of 9 months old on the FeHoVa dog show between good competitors! Getting already Hungarian Junior Champion also in March.

He gained second placement in junior class on the WDS in Salzburg.



To tell the truth we took this breed. „Giant” size is togated in the abstract also but they have a bigger soul which is simply wonderful……

Reflect, decide and then taking action.

Does not take any step to no end, impossible to „jiggle” them as other working breeds, never running int he garden all day rather is closeted on a silent place and relaxing…..

Reading below however don’t mystify anybody, at first sight they sleep but can be able to turn as scooter „express train” who protect his family and area at whatever cost. They love all member of the family, bless children specially.


ds_Kep 157    10_ds_Kep 006


Meanwhile our new family member arrived at home at the end of February in 2012. Jasmine came from Demoiselle kennel as well. She is a little angel and such a sweet, cute puppy. Her show results are fantastic also…..




We had a new family member again at the end of July in 2012!

Nessy is an always smiling, go-ahead personality although a little bit srabby girl was stolen everybody’s heart immediately. Our adult ones accept her first time and could feel herself the same member of the team as the others.


1_ds_Kep 043


These wonderful dogs helped me to recognize it is the time to achieve my old dream – BREEDING which could not come off without my Darling and children’s support.


It is the great place to say and thank you so much for those persons – our dogs breeders, kind friends – without them we can’t have anything like now. Our success are as much as theirs as they shared all expreriences with us.


That’s why I try to improve my knowledge and collecting more and more useful informations. It was not a shame for me to ask help from those person who already had more experiences than me and I will do again if needs later. I think it would be the most important to pass our knowledge, experiences to each other and learning from faults and ’well-worked’ method by others.


The most important for me is the health including the stable nervous system, strong bone structure, correct building and coat!!!


Very important to start the training a Great Pyrénées puppy in their very young age as the adult dog is already much more stronger in mind and self-contained and it is impossible to pull up them by human force. This breed needs consistent owner who loves them and respect their freedom. The orders will be accomplished if they agree with it’s logical. Nothing results after repeating the same order as they will lose interest in that exercise.


I keep so important that our dogs participate on many shows here and abroad also continually.


My true wish to know better this wonderful breed in my country.


As there are only few breeders in Hungary maybe the best opportunity for correcting the stock of the breed is out-breeding in my opinion.


We’re planning to buy another male with a totally new broodline additonal a bitch as well. They will be selected by us after careful decision of course as well.


If you would like to know this beautiful „white giants, or have any question about them feel free to have a contact with me on my all details of  Contact  menupoint or meet us in person at next shows.


Best regards


Dorottya Kristók & Diamond Patou-s