Puppy info!


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 Puppy buying at Diamond Patou kennel


If you decided that wish to have a puppy from our kennel, please so kind you to visit us and meet our family in person (all happens in Your and the puppy’s interest).


By way of introduction I would like to share some ’good advices’ with the possible future owners.

Very important to devote enough time the right choice and accordinlgy we could avoid the deceptions or arguments. Remembering of those fact that we choose companion for the next 9-12 years in optimal situation.

Therefore don’t regret the time for going and check most breeders and we could have more informations to compair all. There is big difference between bitch and male’s temperament, conformability. The girls are much more well-affected, biddable, doing everything for their owners, could say falling in love with owner. Boys are quiet stubborn ones.

Important to say about to handle these dogs as child, emotional and indulgent adult person are not a proper solution. Memorable to know that they must feel themselves only after the owners, nothing as drivers int he relationship. Only one way is possible because there could be any problem later coming from their character. They need socialization early age, using collar and lead, travelling by car, bus and meeting other animals. Never allow foreign person to feed our dogs.


After the puppies whelping – only after few days when we know that they are allright, getting touch with you for sharing the good news. Unfortunately we don’t permit of welcome visitors int he first few weeks, taking care of them and thank you for understanding. You can ask or write us about them by mail or phone of course! ♥

Making photos and video films about the pups around in their age of 4 weeks because from this time they discover the world and giving signs for the inducements.

The future owners (family, friends also) could visit them later of course at age of 6-7 weeks old, maybe it is the time for choosing from them. Being strong and developd to meet new people and getting more experiences.

Generally the puppies will be passed to the new owner at their age of 9-10 weeks old with proper vaccinations, dewarmed, having pedigree and microchip of course (by additional claim with passport) and lot of advices.


Dogs vaccination

By occasion to give shot to the pup they get weaken, killed morbifics that’s why it is very important to do it with ONLY healthy animal. The most stressful situation for the puppy is their home changing and the stress affect negatively their organism. It can happens that they’re already tainted at the original place but symptoms cannot be seen on them. As by these cases the shots could carry any danger, to get vaccination after 2-3 days the moving to the new place is suggested.



How many vaccination is necessary and when they are due

The basic immunization must be started in the pups age of 6-8 weeks old and after 2 weeks period should get the next one. For the right protection these shots must be repeated.

6-8 weeks old – Parvo

8-10 weeks old – Parvo

10-12 weeks old – combined shot (Parvo, Distemper, Leptospirosis…)

12-14 weeks old – combined shot

14-16 weeks old – Rabbies

6 months later – Rabbies

The puppies are dewormed with vaccinations together and useful to do it after every 3 months.


The rabbies vaccination and combined shot must be repeated every year!


Please so kind you don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us for asking or knowing more about the breed, or our dogs and planned litters, puppies.